Spark is on GitHub

The source code for the Spark shading language is now hosted on GitHub, under a commercial-friendly open-source license:

There is also a binary/source package available for download, and for those who just want more details on the Spark language and Direct3D 11 interface, you can look at the User’s Guide. If you missed the SIGGRAPH paper, though, it is probably the best starting point.

If you’d like to give Spark a try – either as part of a research project, or to get ideas for your next in-house shader system – contact me. I need to gather feedback on Spark from users, as part of my continuing research at Stanford, and I’d be happy to provide support to anybody who uses Spark.

Even if you just want to talk about how to integrate some of the more down-to-earth ideas from Spark into your in-house shader system, I’m game. I’ve already gotten feedback from one game developer, who rearchitected their shader-stiching system based on ideas from Spark, and was very happy with the result.